Please take a look at our current open opportunities as we have multiple branches with different projects.

Customer Service Professional Position (Apply Here)

We have several different opportunities available through Backwoods Velocity, LLC. Backwoods Velocity, LLC is broken up into several branches. We specialize with hiring independent contractors and help place you with the correct opportunity that will best fit what you are looking for in a career. We have positions with Fortune 500 companies such as major cruise line, large retail chain drug store, magical amusement park in Florida, roadside assistance representatives and much more! These positions start out between $9-$14 an hour. Please click on this link below to apply for one of these positions.  This position is open to United States only, excluding the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon or Wisconsin. Please click the pink words Customer Service Professional Position in pink above to apply.

QA project (Apply and Read more Here)

You will be calling varies companies that are assigned to you each week.  You will want to keep the representative on the phone for at least 2 minutes and then fill in a form with a couple sentences on your review of how that person from the company did with your call.  This project is 3-4 weeks long only.

Phone Pledge Project (Read More and Apply Here)

This project is currently closed, however we are always looking to add to our next opening for them.

This position does have 4-6 drives per year.

During drive time, there is a great amount of revenue to be earned and setting your own schedule.  This position is seasonal and has off peak drive times.